Would you travel by TGV at full speed on the traditional railroad network?

It is easily conceived that a TGV requires more from the infrastructure on which it circulates.

In the same way, methods of electricity distribution did not evolve since decades
whereas the profile of the consumers strongly changed these last years.

That generates insidious phenomena without apparent connections.

  • Unexpected and unexplained dropouts is networking performance

  • Erratic functioning or malfunctioning of various electronics, including access control, security, fire life and safety devices

  • Corrosion in water piping, sprinklers, gas distribution

  • Video screens jitter, flicker or moirage

  • Sudden increase of unexplained headaches, fatigability, stress

These phenomena often have a common cause: traditional power supply.

Your installation was of course approved officially, which guarantees you its legality. However neither the evolution of the electric consumers nor the real characteristics of the currents which were going to circulate were kept into account.

Hence, ACRIS proposes to check the adequacy of your power distribution to your type of current consumption. Quick and not disturbing, carried out using specific instruments and a rigorous methodology, this checkup is carried out in operational situation. Then we help you to understand what's happening and how to fix the causes. Finally, we perform a quality control and advice on monitoring solutions.

Experience shows that the remedies are generally simple and inexpensive as have already appreciated, amongst other, IBM, KBC, Rolls-Royce…


ACRIS is a member of the Power-Audit group